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Motor Insurance

Automobile is a tireless friend and assistant; when damaged, it affects your budget, mood and plans. Undoubtedly, the automobile is on the list of the most expensive acquisitions. Thus, parting with it causes difficulty to both the wallet and the soul of its owner… Insurance of the automobile from damage and theft allows minimizing possible losses. Insurance policy will help to maintain the spiritual balance and avoid material expenses.
We offer:
  • insurance of packaging arrangement of vehicles including additional equipment;
  • voluntarily insurance of third-party liability of vehicle owners;
  • accident insurance of driver and/or passengers in case of RTA (road-traffic accident).
Our opportunities:
  • indemnity of the damage caused by car hijacking, its damage or destruction;
  • indemnity of the harm caused to life, health, property of third persons when driving a vehicle;
  • payment of claims in case of damage caused to the driver and passengers of the insured vehicle;
  • covering expenses on storage and transportation (evacuation);
  • indemnity of the damage caused by terrorist acts;
  • coverage of medical expenses.
How is your insurance paid?
Insurance fees are paid at the customer’s option as:
  • a single premium;
  • contributions (quarterly, semiannually/half-yearly).
The cost of the policy depends on the following parameters:
  • cost of the vehicle;
  • length of driving experience of those admitted to driving ;
  • selected insurance risks;
  • number of vehicles;
  • conditions of storage and safety of the vehicle;
  • character and function of the vehicle;
  • use of the franchise;
  • geographical coverage zone.
INGO-UZBEKISTAN offers you two forms of loss indemnity in case of an insurance event:
  • restoration of the damaged vehicle by carrying out repair and renewal works at the auto repair station at the expense t of the Company;
  • payment of the insurance compensation on the basis of conclusion/report of an independent assessment organization by transferring money to the bank account of the Insured person.
Why should you like to work with us?
  • individual approach;
  • prompt resolution of your problems;
  • simplicity of paper-work ;
  • quality repair of the vehicle at the official dealer’s and other technical centers;
  • if during the validity of INGO-UZBEKISTAN policy no insurance events emerged, you can take advantage of a discount system while extending your contract;
  • assistance during consideration of the event in the collection of documents needed for the insurance compensation;
  • direct participation of Company’s representative in the process of preparation of documents and consideration of the event by authorized bodies (DRTS, court, etc.);
  • wide range of basic and back-up services;
  • flexible tariffs;
  • prompt consideration of insurance events and the quickest payment of compensation;
  • quality service;
  • selection of the form of indemnity for a loss (vehicle repair or monetary reimbursement ) during signing of the contract;
  • if the size of a loss does not exceed 3% of the cost of the vehicle , SAI (DRTS) certificate to not obligatorily needed, except for the cases involving the third parties.
What can we insure?
Damage — damage or destruction of a vehicle /additional equipment caused by:
  • traffic accident (RTA);
  • fire or explosion;
  • natural disasters;
  • illegal actions of the third persons (destruction or damage to the insured vehicle resulting from arson (burning), breakage, spoiling, hijacking of the vehicle or its separate parts, as well as other illegal/unlawful/illegitimate actions of persons who do not belong to contracting parties);
  • fall of alien objects
Services package includes the following risks:
  • RTA;
  • fire, explosion;
  • stroke/fall of objects;
  • flood, storm, hurricane, downpour, hail, heavy snowfall , avalanche landslide, mudflow, lightning stroke, earthquake;
  • illegal actions of third persons against vehicle;
  • vehicle hijacking.
Following the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan ‘On the Measures on the Implementation of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan ‘On the Compulsory Insurance of the Third-party Liability of Vehicle Owners’, maximum amount of insurance indemnity on the TPL policy (compulsory insurance of the third-party liability) is limited to USD 3000. Unfortunately, RTA with the damage exceeding this amount is not a rarity. According to the Legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the person responsible for the RTA must pay the deficient amount himself. Voluntarily insurance of third-party liability will allow the vehicle owner avoid such expenses.
The Company shall reimburse the expenses that resulted in damage to life, health and/or property of the third persons in the course of vehicle operation.
Coverage of damage to life and health of drivers and passengers in the insured vehicle emerging from RTA.

Insurance of optional equipment

Optional equipment implies mechanisms, installations, accessories, devices and other equipment that does not belong to the factory packaging arrangement but is permanently fixed on the vehicle.

Coverage of damage caused by a terrorist act

Reimbursement of the damage caused by destruction or breakage of the insured vehicle resulting from a terrorist act;

Coverage of medical expenses in case of RTA

Reimbursement of the expenses born on the emergency medical aid shall be provided to the insured persons (the driver and passengers) in case of an accident resulting from the road-traffic accident with the insured vehicle.

Coverage of storage and transportation costs

Reimbursement of reasonable and requested expenses related to storage and transportation of the insured vehicle damaged in the road-transportation accident, fire, explosion, stroke of the objects and natural disasters. Storage and transportation of the damaged vehicle shall be carried out within the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.



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