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The “INGO-UZBEKISTAN” Insurance Company is managed by the Shareholder’s General Meeting, the Supervisory Board and the General Director.
The Shareholder’s General Meeting is the highest managerial body of the “INGO-UZBEKISTAN” that determines its strategy and principal areas of Company’s development. The annual Shareholder’s General Meeting is held once a year but no later than six months after the end of financial year.
The Supervisory Board carries out general governance of the Company by determining priority areas of its activity. The Supervisory Board conducts meetings as soon as they become necessary. The Supervisory Board consists of five members elected by the Shareholder’s General Meeting.
The General Director of the “INGO-UZBEKISTAN” is the individual executive authority of the Company accountable to the Shareholder’s General Meeting and the Supervisory Board. The General Director is responsible for day-to-day management of the Company and supervises a number of key strategic projects.




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