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International Insurance Group “INGO”

The international insurance group “INGO” is not a corporate entity but a community of the insurance companies that aims its activity at the creation of the most favourable conditions for the development of the insurance business and strengthening of the positions of the participants within the territories of the states and regions where interests of the Group members are represented in view of a more complete and comprehensive satisfaction of public needs in the insurance services.
“INGO” Group means
  • absolute guarantee of execution of the liabilities in case of the insurance event by utilizing reinsurance reserves of the Group and arranged contacts of Ingosstrah in the Western reinsurance markets;
  • Advanced insurance technologies;
  • High professional skills of the employees;
  • Opportunity to provide the Customer with the best insurance services at any corner of the Globe.
On 18 November 2002, the “Ingosstrah” Insurance Company signed the new contract regulating relations inside the Transnational group (TNG) “INGOSSTRAKH established in 1997. The INGOSSTRAKH” Group unites with the participation of the OIJSC “Ingosstrah’ capital. So far the Group includes the following companies:
1. OJSIC “Ingosstrakh” (Russia) (http://ingos.ru/ru/),
1. CJSIC “Belingosstrakh” (Belarus) (http://www.belingo.by)
3. JSIC Kyrgyzinstrah (Kyrgyz Republic) (http://www.ingo.kg),
4. CJSIC “Ingo Armenia” (Armenia) (http://www.ingoarmenia.am),
5. JSC “INGO Ukraine” (Ukraine) (http://www.ingo.com.ua),
6. JSIC “INGO Ukraine LIFE” (Ukraine);
and the subsidiary companies in the Russian Federation:
1. LLIC Ingosstrakh-M (ingos-m@ingos.ru),
2. LLIC Ingosstrah Life,
3. OJC “InVestPolis»,
4. LLIC TIM Assistans (http://www.timassist.ru),
5. OJSIC “EIC” (http://www.chsk.ru/index.php),
6. Clinic “LMS” (http://www.7828882.ru),
7. OJSC Management Company Ingosstrakh Investments (http://www.ingosinvest.ru),
8. LLIC Ingosstrakh ONDD Credit Inshurance.
This contract aims to integrate and consolidate the Group members’ mutual efforts to develop the insurance business. The contract’s end purpose is the further improvement of quality of the services rendered to the customers and raise of the efficiency of the TNG.
Within the framework of the contract, TNG members have committed to:
  • Develop and carry out the agreed insurance and reinsurance policy;
  • Expand the scope of the TNG “INGOSSTRAKH” members in the national and international insurance markets;
  • Look for the opportunities to specialize business of the TNG members, (wherever it is reasonable) by sectors, types of insurance or target groups of customers;
  • Carry out joint work on the unification and integration of the insurance technologies;
  • Apply the unified quality standards of the insurance services;
  • Improve of the insurance schemes;
  • Elaborate and promote the new insurance schemes;
  • Improve implementation methods and mechanisms of the existing insurance products;
  • Jointly develop and promote new insurance;
  • Improve the system of reinsurance protection within the Group;
  • Interact to widen the clientele database of member-companies and attract large corporate clients for insurance;
  • Carry out agreed upon investment policy, implement joint investment and other financial projects;
  • Coordinate and improve the advertising and marketing policies;
Member-companies of the Group express their assuredness that deep integration will bring in the improvement of quality of the services rendered to the customers, successfully compete in the national insurance markets and enhance efficiency of the insurance and associated operations..




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