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Profession of the insurance agent

What is the ideal job?
First of all the perfect job must be very interesting, generate good money and take the least time.
Nowadays millions of people are searching for the job: they send CVs and get interviewed.
You are a full-time student and search for a part-time job to become independent.
Or maybe your child grew up and you have got enough time to earn yourself and visit the Internet to find a job.
You like your job but want to have some extra earnings at the same time?
Or maybe your retired parents do not want to give up their active life and are looking for a part-time job now?
We do not know why you are looking for another job or a new income. Just be sure that if you become an insurance agent, you will start the history of your own success!
Working with the insurance company is a free-lance work and an unlimited extra earnings that are limited only by your wish and will.
Why the insurance?
Did you decide to start your own insurance career?
A lucky strike! As an insurance agent you will become an active player of the most rapidly growing industry that is giving people confidence in their better tomorrow.
Why the insurance agent?
People are getting richer and richer day by day! They visit other countries, buy new cars, take mortgages and etc. Therefore, people apply to the insurance companies for the financial guarantees. World surveys evidence that almost 60% of the population are ready to spend on insurance approximately 10% of their monthly income; and over 80% of the customers buy insurance policies through the agents.
Any customer is interested to settle all insurance issues with the help of the personal insurance agent. Thus, an insurance agent is an official representative of both the insurance company and the personal representative of a customer.
What to start with?
Take your organizer and contact your friends! Your relative has bought a vehicle, the neighbour wants to spend her vacation abroad, and your friends opened a credit line? Let your nearest people become your first customers! Let yourself become their family Insurer!
Profession of the insurance agent
Today the insurance agent is not only the seller of the policies. This man/woman is well aware of the psychology of other people, of their occupations, social status, ethnic specificities and etc. A present-day customer awaits something interesting. Hence, the agent should bewitch and persuade a customer that insurance will guarantee him/her a “bright tomorrow”.
What is peculiar of the insurance agent’s business?
Your job is implies direct communication with different people. Sometimes the customer knows absolutely nothing about insurance. Sometimes you need to describe advantages of the insurance as some people do not always understand what the “insurance” is like. The insurance agent must him/herself understand in detail what the “insurance” is like; he/she must know all regulations and provisions in the insurance businesses, be aware of basic economics and law, and know how to handle accounting and reporting documents. Today, many insurance agents face the difficulty of finding customers. The competition is high. One of the main peculiarities of this business is the fact that every insurance agent must create his/her own customer. More customers more money!
What personal characteristics should the insurance agent possess?
First of all he/she needs good communication skills and the right concerns. But the most important is the willingness to work and to earn. One should remember that the insurance agent does not only sell the insurance policy but correctly prepares the documents. This requires some skills. The people different and you must be ready to face any situation. Do not let the customer be waiting for you! The insurance agent must be organized and able to persuade. One year is enough to learn all tricks of the insurance agent’s work.
What difficulties can the insurance agent face?
The customer may request the insurance agent to visit his home or job-place. Doing this, you are giving a favour to the customer by interfering with your own life. The insurance agent is often a freelancer. Probably this job can attracts a lot of people as they think that it is possible to combine the basic job and the insurance job. This does not always work. To earn good money, you must ride your work. Move on, the insurance agent!




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