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Question: What documents are needed for the MOD (motor own/hull insurance) insurance?
Answer: In case of the MOD insurance you will need to present the following documents:
  • Insurant’s passport ;
  • Vehicle’s technical passport etc.
Question: How much is the MOD insurance?
Answer: The MOD insurance price depends on the following factors:
  • Vehicle’s value;
  • Driving period;
  • Insured risks;
  • Numbers of the vehicles;
  • Conditions of vehicle’s parking and safety;
  • Vehicle’s specifications;
  • Franchise;
  • Cover’s geography;
Question: How is vehicle insurance determined?
Answer: The vehicle can be insured for any amount that does not exceed its actual cost (the insurance price). The actual price of a vehicle is calculated in accordance with its invoice or the averaged retail prices. The insurance price of the used vehicles is determined by the insurance company’s expert upon the agreement with the Insurant depending on the vehicle’s year of manufacture and its technical conditions;
Question: What risks are covered by vehicle’s insurance?
  • Traffic accidents (TA);
  • Fire and explosion;
  • Strike/falling of the objects;
  • Flood, storm, hurricane, heavy shower, hail, heavy snowfall, avalanche, landslide, mudflow, lightning stroke, earthquake;
  • Criminal action of the third party against the vehicle;
  • Theft of the vehicle.
Question: What is the insurance period?
Answer: Usual MOD period is 1 (one) year most.
Question: What is the MOD franchise?
Answer: The MOD franchise is the damage amount taken out from the Insurance Company’s cover. The franchise reduces the cover.
Question: When should the Insurance Company be notified on the insurance event in case of damage and hijacking?
Answer: No more than 3 (three) business days after the date when the Insurant has known about the insurance event.
Question: In what cases does the MOD cover become available?
Answer: Our Insurance Company may cover the following:
  • Arrange and pay the reconstruction of the insured vehicle;
  • Pay the invoice on the reconstruction of the insured vehicle issued by the authorized expert (licensed to conduct such business) but no more than the Insurance amount.
Question: Will the cover become available if the Insurant does not notify the police on the insurance event?
Answer: The Company can recognize the Insurance event without the police claim if the damage amount does not exceed 3% (three) of the Insurance amount (with the exception of the events when the Insurance event involves the Third Party).
Question: What are the Traffic Accident cover terms?
Answer: The Insurance Company pays after the receipt of all necessary documents and signing the insurance event report with the parties during 5 (five) banking days (if the parties agree otherwise).
Question: What is the damaged reconstruction period of the vehicle?
Answer: Depending on the reconstruction conditions but from 3 to 10 days.
Question: How is the property insured amount determined?
Answer: The Insured amount shall be determines upon the agreement between the Insurer and the Insurant and is limited to the actual value (Insured value) of the insured property that is its actual value at the place of its location and on the date of the Insurance contract signing. In a number of cases, the assistance of the independent expert can be needed to carry out an independent assessment of the insured property; he will help to determine the Insured amount.
Question: What documents should be presented to make up the insurance contract on (my) flat?
Answer: To sign the insurance contract, the Client either meets the Insurance agent, or visits the office of the insurance company and declares his/her wish to conclude the insurance contract. Key documents for insurance contract on your flat shall be the sale and purchase agreement, cadastre, passport of the flat’s owner and your own passport.
Question: How is the size of the damage evaluated?
Answer: There is the Department of Settlement of the Insurance Claims in our Company. Its officers go on-site to examine the damaged property. Simultaneously the needed documents are collected from the competent bodies like police, fire extinguishing brigade, emergency services and the like, as well as other documents mentioned in the insurance Contract. Real evaluation is based on the check of these documents. In case of discord regarded to the size of the insured amount, an independent assessor is involved.
Question: Will the Insurance cover be paid if the Insurance event was cause by the fault of the Insurant, Beneficiary or the Insured person?
Answer: The Insurant is freed from the property insurance cover if the Insurance event occurred following the willfulness of the Insurant or Beneficiary, except for the cases when his/her intentional misconduct was caused by private defense or extremity.
The legislation can envisage the cases freeing the Insurant from the Insurance coverage on property contracts or reduction of the Coverage in case of the Insurance event following gross negligence of the Insured person or Beneficiary.
Question: When is the insurance coverage paid?
Answer: INGO-UZBEKISTAN shall pay the Insurance coverage within 15 banking days after signing the Report on the Insurance event.
Question: What financial indicators should be highlighted while selecting the Insurer?
Answer: The most important are the following financial indicators:
  • Insurance Company’s Authorized capital;
  • Volume of reinsured liabilities;
  • Provision for the reported but unsettled claims;
  • Solvency margin adequacy rate; It should not be less than 1;
  • Maximum allowable Insurance Company’s liabilities by separate risks;
  • Maximum allowable Insurance Company’s liabilities total;
  • Covers paid by separate kinds of insurance.
Note: The higher are the listed financial indicators, the stronger is the Insurer. It is also important to know the level of self-insured retention (SIR) on for risk, reinsurance partners, and location of the reinsurance risk
Question: What are the property insurance benefits?
Answer: The insurance premium paid by the legal entity (owner or the owner of the right to economic or operational management) on property insurance contract shall be deducted from the total taxable income.
Rationale: p. 33, article 145 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Cover amounts and salaries and other personal incomes subject to taxation and used for the insurance premium payments shall be exempt from taxation.
Rationale: p. 22, p. 28 , article179, the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Question: I would like to insure the flat where I live. But it is my father’s flat. Presently my father cannot enter into insurance contract. What can be done?
Answer: Although you are not the full owner of the flat or a country house, you may be insured by any of our Insurance products. To do this, you must personally visit our office and submit the necessary documents confirming the other person’s title. You will enter into the contract as the Insurant. You can also sign it and pay up the chosen services but indicate in the field of the Beneficiary the name of the real owner of the flat. In case of the Insurance event the Insurance cover shall be paid to the actual owner of the flat.
Question: May my relative instead of me be consulted (get medical services) at a medical facility under my VMI policy?
Answer: No. The insurance policy is a personal document that cannot be transferred to a third person; i.e. in case of the Insurance event the cover for medical services shall be provided only to the owner of the VMI Policy.
Question: May I pass through a comprehensive medical examination?
Answer: No. The comprehensive medical examination cannot be initiated by the Client as the examination volume is strictly assigned by the doctor of the medical facilities listed as partners of the Assistance Service depending on the evidence and complaints of the Client.
Question: We have been recognized infertile. Where could we get the course of treatment on the case?
Answer: Infertility, pregnancy, obstetrics or medical abortion (with the exception of the accident when the pregnancy is the direct menace against the insured person’s life) are not the VMI Insurance events.
Question: Is it possible to arrange massage at home?
Answer: Massotherapy is a physiotherapy procedure conducted at doctor’s prescription at policlinics or stationeries.
Question: Is it possible to get the teeth cleaned by the stomatologist?
Answer: Yes, tooth cleaning is a medical procedure in case of the mouth diseases caused by the tooth coat (the gingivitis and etc.) and if your insurance scheme includes the stomatological cover. Other events of the professional tooth cleaning including abrasives, ultrasonic and other preventive procedures shall not be covered.
Question: Why doesn’t the home called doctor arrive immediately after the call like the ambulance?
Answer: after the call to the Assistance Service for the doctor’s visit, you should expect his arrival during the daytime or making a call on the previous day, you may call the doctor for the next day. In this the service differs from the ambulance. If the state of health does not allow waiting for the doctor’s visit and requires the emergency medical aid, it is necessary to call for the ambulance through the Assistance Service if your scheme covers such a service. Besides visiting patients at home, the doctor receives patients in his medical office. Narrowly-focused specialists do not visit the home patients.
Question: May I get medicines prescribed by my doctor?
Answer: Yes, you may, if you have beforehand applied to the Assistance Service and the medical facility has been listed as a partner (a qualified supplier) of the Assistance Service.
Question: May I directly apply to the medical facility or the chemist’s bypassing the Assistance Service?
Answer: No, you may not. Following the VMI contract, the customer must first contact the Assistance Service and communicate to them your insurance policy’s number, your complaints and address. After this the Assistance Service staff will promptly arrange necessary medical consultations and other services envisaged by your insurance scheme.
Question: How much is the insurance policy?
Answer: The insurance premium depends on the insurance policy’s territory, Insurance scheme, purpose of the trip and the age of the Insured person.
Question: What is needed for the preparation of the insurance policy?
Answer: Those travelling abroad should have the copy of the passport, know the exact period of a trip and the country of temporary residence.
Question: Where can we get the insurance policy?
Answer: The insurance policy for those travelling abroad can be prepared at INGO-UZBEKISTAN office at the address:
100015, Tashkent, Afrosiab Street, 12B, “DUKAT” Business Centre, 3rd floor (Oybek Metro station). The office is open: Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 18.00, lunch from 13.00 to 14.00.
Question: May I pay the insurance policy with my plastic card?
Answer: Yes, you may.
Question: Which risks are covered for travellers abroad?
Answer: The policy covers:
1. Medical expenses including the stomatological service;
2. Medical transportation expenditures and other services including:
  • Medical evacuation;
  • Transportation of the accompanying persons;
  • Return of the under-aged children;
  • Close relative’s visit to attend to the insured person in case of hospitalization;
  • Cost of the rescue measures;
  • Funeral abroad;
  • Repatriation of the dead body.
3. Indemnity in case of the death caused by the accident;
Question: May I get back my money if the trip did not happen?
Answer: Yes, you may under prior notification before the expiration of the insurance period. For notification, you should address to INGO-UZBEKISTAN office and present the passport without the entrance visa to the departure country during the period specified in the Insurance Policy (refers to the countries requiring entrance visas) and fill in the application form.
Question: May I change the term/period of the Insurance Policy?
Answer: To do this, you should contact INGO-UZBEKISTAN office before the insurance Policy period starts, fill in the application, present the passport and re-register the Policy in accordance with the new term of the trip.
Question: How to use the Insurance Policy?
Answer: In case of the situation requesting emergency medical aid, you should apply to the 24-hour Assistance Service and explain the reason of your address over the telephones indicated in the Insurance Policy.
Question: Does the Insurance Policy cover stomatological treatment?
Answer: The Insurance Policy covers expenses of the urgent stomatological treatment in case of the acute toothache.
In this section you can get the on-line insurance consultation.
Why is this type of the consultation different?
The on-line consultation does not require your visit to the Company or call to our Call Center; you will get answers to your questions without leaving your PC monitor. The On-line consultation is a full-fledged consultation as your question will be comprehensively studied by a professional specialist.
What to be done if decided to address to the on-line consultant?
Fill in the application given below.
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